Mr Doyle

Mr Doyle

è un'azienda che produce carne affumicata. I formati dei nostri prodotti sono destinati all'HORECA e alla GDO

Via Cavatore,12 - 001661 Roma (IT)

+39 06 6450 3277


EN Smoked Meat

We cook authentic BBQ food

Mr Doyle Project

Mr Doyle’s story begins with a journey in USA, traveling on the “barbecue roads” and meeting the best American Pit Masters.

The mission was to create a unique recipe that would allow the perfect wedding between HIGH QUALITY OF ITALIAN MEAT and the

Today, thanks to Mr Doyle, The American True Smoked BBQ can go everywhere.
and perfect for any type of dish.

M Doyle's Secrets

maiale e mucca disegno

Italian Meat

If you want to have good products, you have to choose excellent ingredients. For this reasons Mr Doyle selects the best meats from italian porks and beefs

cappello chef


Rub is a Mr Doyle’s secret recipe. Spice mix used for cooking and gives the meat that unique flavor and irresistible melting

orologio stilizzato

Easy To Prepare

Mr Doyle products are easy to prepare and ready in a few minutes.

orologio con numero 90

90 days Shelf Life

All Mr Doyle products have a 90days shelf life. This means no wastes and maximum performance


Low&Slow Cooking

Low and slow heat to promote homogeneous and consistent cooking. Our meat cooks from 6 to 12 hours, because patience is the secret of all good things

bollo ce

CE Certification

Mr Doyle is the only italian company to have a ministerial certification to produce real smoke barbecue meat.

Our Pit Master

Emiliano De Venuti

Smoking is a bit like taking care and growing a fire or a love, it requires perseverance and attention. The Pit Master is in front of smoker always. He must know everything to happen. The smoker is not a electronic machine. So, you have to be careful everything: wood, smoke, ventilation, heat.
To make a good smoked meat, you have to use only the best ingredients, but the real difference is the wood.
Because when you smoke with oak or apple wood, the aroma is unique, absolutely.”

Pit Master MR DOYLE Emiliano de Venuti

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